Working AT Height Group USA

    “High Aptitude Staff for High Altitude solutions”

Working at Height™ Group provides solutions based training, contracting and consultancy services for all your difficult to access, rescue, emergency response and fall protection needs.

The Working at Height™ team of instructors comes from a wide variety of specialist backgrounds which in turn gives us a wide range of subject matter specialists with vast experience in their respective fields. Working at Height™ is committed to giving the highest safety, service & efficiency to all our clients.

Working at Height™ will give priority to local & international law wherever carry out training, contracting & consultancy work along with conforming to industry best practice’s.  Working at Height™ will put safety as our priority having subject matter specialists who have an extensive knowledge of local and international legislation in health, safety & welfare standards as well as codes of practice, insuring our training programs are up to date with local, International Legislation, and our health, safety & quality management system is up to date with current standards and local & international law.

Working at Height ™ will always keep up with current rescue & evacuation equipment available on the market, so we are able to advice our clients on them as well as customizing kits meet their needs.

Working at Height Group ™ provide the following services:

Academy: Accredited Training – Emergency Response Training – Life Safety Training – Confined Space Training – Rope Access – First Aid Training- High Performance CPR Training.

Contracting: Difficult Access Solutions – Specialized Rope Access – Rescue Cover – Film Safety and Transport Logistics – Difficult Access Bird Netting – Devegitation Cliffs and Slopes – Rock Meshing Fall protection Safety Netting.

Consultancy: Health & Safety Audits – Emergency Response Team Audits – High Performance CPR Audits – Emergency Rescue Scenarios – Film & TV Safety – PPE Inspection Audits.

Working at Height Group ™ Staff hold many accredited certifications by associations  for example; Health and Safety Institute (HSI), Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT), International Rope Access Trade Associations (IRATA), Institute of occupational safety and health (IOSH), australian rope access association (ARAA), rescue 3 international, national association of emergency medical technicians (NAMET), international powered access federation (IPAF) & ladder association uk to name but a few.