Training Policy


  • You may register via mail with a booking form signed and dated, or using our registration form (on line) via our web site.

Limited Enrollment.

  • All Training Institute workshops and consultation groups have limited enrollment, in order to better meet the needs of our participants. While space is available, you may reserve a position by contacting Working at Height Academy Coordinator; we will hold a space for three (3) business days, pending receipt of your down payment. If we have not received payment within three days, the space will be opened. Payment in full must be received by 14 Days prior the commencement of the workshop.

Receipts & Payment.

  • Personal/Business check, this must be received 14 days prior to course commencement. We will provide an additional receipt, if needed, on request.
  • Electronic Payments. Working at height regret we are not able to take payment via credit cards or debit cards at this time. By request you can do a bank transfer of funds into our account directly Please contact Training Administration for more information.
  • All receipts will be issued electronically or printed once payment is received.

Registration Confirmation.

  • When payment is received, your registration will be confirmed via your e-mail address, if available to us, or via regular mail, if we do not have your e-mail address.


  • If you are unable to attend a course for which you have registered, we will provide a refund, minus a $80 administrative fee, unless you tell us two weeks prior to the start of the course date. If you cancel within two weeks but more than two business days prior to the course start date, we will provide a credit toward a future Training at our Institute workshop, less a $80 administrative fee. We must receive explicit notification of this cancellation, and credit must be used within one year of the original training date. We are unable to provide a refund or credit within two business days of the start of a workshop. We reserve the right to cancel Training Institute workshops, consultation groups, or courses. If educational offerings are cancelled by the Training Institute for any reason, we will notify you and provide a full refund.

Group Discounts.

  • For Working at Height Group workshops, we will provide a discount of 10% to groups of three or more people registering at the same time for Non Association courses, from the same organization. We will provide a discount of 10% to full-time students in a degree-granting program, who are able to demonstrate proof of student status. We are not able to combine the group discount with the student discount. Ongoing consultation groups are not eligible for these discounted rates. To inquire about registering with a group or student discount, contact Working at Height Training Coordinator.

Notice of Non-discrimination.

  • Working at Height Academy does not discriminate in admissions policies, educational policies, or reduced-fee offerings; we actively welcome candidates from diverse backgrounds including women, communities of color.  With advance notice, we will make every attempt to accommodate the particular needs of individuals so that they may fully participate in our training offerings. For further information, please contact

Training Standard (SPRAT Only).

  • Students are evaluated in accordance with SPRAT main objectives for Rope Access. All training in conducted in accordance with Certification Requirements, Bylaws of SPRAT and Criteria Meeting OSHA, ANSI and NFPA for Health, Safety and Environmental Training.

Fitness Note:


  1. Physically fit to undertake any work at heights training: The student’s self-declaration within the signing of the course registration form on the day of the training course will constitute suitable evidence that the employer attests to the students’ fitness to perform the skill evolution’s required in training.
  2. Students are obliged to wear suitable clothing, work boots (with a heel if climbing). Students wishing to use their own PPE during training must bring the inspection and certification history and deemed ‘fit for purpose’- A student equipment list specific to training program is available upon request as per the course synopsis.
  3. The employer and student must be made aware of user weight limitations outlined under their OHS Act (Federal/State or Provincial) and are within the defined limitations specified, students will be required to sign an agreement to this effect before starting training.
  4. Working at Height, Group. Reserves the right to suspend training at any time should the student’s medical condition be in question.
  5. Candidates new to work at height and rescue, upon successful completion should be evaluated for ability to apply the knowledge and skills in the work environment by a supervisor, lead tech, site HSE Coordinator within three months or there about after training.


Students must be medically and physically fit with a desire to work at heights. The training environment may require the use of specialized access methods such as those employed within suspension and rope access practices. These practices may be utilized as effective safety tools within the delivery of this program. They are not to be considered trained upon within this program. All Trainees/Participants to any training will be required to sign our WAIVER OF LIABILITY and CERTIFICATION OF PHYSICAL CONDITION Form.

Working At Height Group™  Standard.

  • All Working at Height Group additional practical & Theatrical skills are applied to effectively demonstrate and apply through hands on experiences the complexities of work and rescue at height achieving success through confidence by all who participate. Reaffirmation through testing is applied with the addition of correction to 100%. This unique philosophy in learning ensures all incorrectly answered test questions are tabled under whole group discussion to ensure maximum retention and understanding by all students. All training programs are structured upon a pass or fail determination criteria and are in accordance with IRATA, SPRAT, ANSI Z359 & BS 8454:2006 & EQF (European Qualifications Framework). Criteria for accepted practices in safety, health, and environmental training.

Our Trainers.

  • All Working at Height Group Instructors and Approved Contractors Instructors are fully qualified Instructors to their relevant Associations have been verified by for example; SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians), Rescue 3, Fire Services Collage UK, NAMET (National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians), IOSH (Institute of Occupational & Health), Ladder Association, GWO (Global Wind Organization), in addition to this they
  • also hold certificates in Professional Training Development (Train The Trainer) & Training & Development Special Purpose Award in such areas as Training Delivery & Evaluation Level 6, Training Needs Identification & Design Level 6 Coaching Modules of Practice Level 6 so our clients have the peace of mind that all training requirements and standards are met.


Working AT Height Academy & Alti-Service™ Training Policy

Working AT Height Academy & Alti-Service™ Training Policy