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At Working AT Height Academy™ we aim to help our clientsimprove their safety results, meet their work health and safety obligations, develop their safety culture, and most importantly, keep their people safe.

We do this by:

Training employees in a range of nationally recognized safety-related competencies in the areas of Height Safety, Confined Space Entry, Fire Safety, Rescue Training & Work at Height Training.

  • Conducting company Safety Audits & Consultancy, specializing in the areas of height safety, confined space and Rescue.
  • Delivering Rope Access Services and Confined Space Entry & Rescue for our customers
  • Providing Rescue Cover teams
  • Tailoring bespoke Training to meet the needs of our clients’ business.

 The following courses are available and will be tailored to your requirements:

General Training

  • Manual Handling.
  • Occupational First Aid (Fetac Level 5)
  • Harness fitting and Safe Use.
  • Leaning ladder & Step Ladder Safety.
  • Roof Top Safety ( Flat Roof).
  • Roof Top Safety ( Pitch Roof).
  • Rescue after a fall – Lowering and lifting.
  • Rescue after a fall – Lowering and lifting – Entertainment.
  • Confined Space Entry ( Basic & Advanced).
  • PPE Inspection End User.
  • Ladder Inspection End User.

Wind Energy.

  • Rotor Blade Inspection.
  • Tower Climbing and Rescue.
  • Hub Access & Rescue.
  • Emergency Evacuation.
  • Rotor Blade Level 1 Basic Inspection & Preventive Maintenance.
  • Rotor Blade Level 2 Qualified.
  • Rotor Blade Level 3 Qualified.


  • Tower Climbing & Rescue
  • Advances Climbing and Rescue.
  • Roof Top Safety & Rescue With Basic RF Awareness.

Tower Crane.

  • Tower Crane Climbing.
  • Tower Crane Rescue.


  • Scaffold Work Restraint & Work Positioning.
  • Scaffold Rescue
  • Fixed Ladder Climbing.
  • Work Restraint Training
  • Roof Top Safety ( Flat Roof).
  • Roof Top Safety ( Pitch Roof).
  • Rescue after a fall – Lowering and lifting.


  • Stage Structure Climbing.
  • Stage Structure Rescue.
  • Mechanical Advantage Hauling.

Rope Access Training.

  • SPRAT Rope Access Level 1.
  • SPRAT Rope Access Level 2.
  • SPRAT Rope Access Level 3.
  • ISO Rope Access Level 1
  • ISO Rope Access Level 2.

IRATA Training coming soon.

  • Rope Rescue Training.
  • Rope Rescue 1 .
  • Rope Rescue 2 (Supervisor).

Emergency Response Team Training.

  • Team Training.
  • Team Evaluation.
  • Team Staged Scenario Auditing.