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 “Education on a Different Level”

Working at Height Group ™ are a leading Professional Technical Training Provider and Our Vision is Simple:- “Provide the highest level of education and Training Centers to our Delegates, Clients & Business Partners, Giving them the most Relevant and Best Practices Skills and Knowledge to be safe, Effective, Efficient in there work environments”  All our Instructors are Subject Matter Specialist’s in Health and Safety, Business & Crises Management, Emergency Response, First Aid, Rescue, Ergonomics, Basic Fire, Rope Access, Rope Rescue, Fall Protection. Our Programs are designed for all industries.

Working at Height Group ™ is irish owned with its headquarters in Crusheen, Co, Clare, Ireland and a sub office in Houston Texas USA servicing the Americas.

Working at Height Group™ Team are a group of Innovative, Experienced Forward Thinking group of individuals with over 40 years’ experience.  As a training Provider certified in the EU and the USA our training courses carry international certification. Working at Height Group is independently audited by a 3rd party on an annual bases to insure our IMS is to the highest standard in Quality & Management.

“High Aptitude Staff for High Altitude Solutions”


Working at Height Group™ operate in the Following Sectors;

þ  Renewable Energy

þ  Telecommunications

þ  Petrochemical

þ  Pharmaceutical

þ  Government

þ  Construction

þ  Public Sector


Working at Height Group ™ Programs have been carefully designed to meet the training needs of our Clients/Delegates in the sectors we operate in. Working at Height Group ™ also develops bespoke programs for clients based on there needs. Working at Height Group™ is also Approved to deliver accredited association-based training courses as well as certified accredited training.

Working at Height Group™ Commitment – Working at Height Group is committed to providing the highest Quality support to our customers. We continually assess the Health and Safety risks, opportunities and Environmental impacts associated with the provision of our services. We are proud to be in the position share the knowledge with the next generation of workers.

Working at Height Group™ Work alongside some of the world largest companies and Recruitment agencies.

Working at Height Group™ programs are constantly evolving in line with new research and testing. All changes and developments of Working at Height Group™ go through a process of peer review and oversight by a steering committee made up of industry experts from all over the world.

Working at Height Group ™ is a primarily Professional Training Services company, but we also offer consultant services. Working at Height Group™ have been consultants for Government Agencies, Manufactures, Operators, Facility Management Companies, Project Designers, Emergency Teams, and Emergency Management.  

“When it Comes to Safety – We Know the Ropes”

Working at Height Group™ is an Equal opportunity employer and has a zero-tolerance policy against all forms of Harassment, Bullying, Racism of any kind.

Working at Height Group™ For More Information about us on our Company, Leadership, Core Values, Standards, Environmental Impact & Training Programs “Click Here”.

Proud Member/Trainer Since 2005