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Schools Safety

Work Place Safety and “Preparing life’s Greatest asset” our children

Working at Height will start a school’s education program in Texas USA and Ireland in General Workplace Safety and Hazard Awareness. Today Children are our greatest asset in life. Preparing them for industrial industry’s like Petrochemical, Renewable, pharmaceutical, Fire, Technical Access and Rescue in an industrial and Government level.

From November 2018 Working at Height will come to any school in Houston Texas and speak for free in the joys and the Dangers when working in an elevated area today. We believe knowledge is power and bringing awareness to all high school students is the right time of their life. Some students go to college and some don’t.  According to the Bureau of Labour only 69.9% go to college and 30.1% don’t go to college, 49% of students drop out of collage within there first year. It’s the 79.1% we want to focus on and making them aware of the danger that is out there. Working at Height is committed to making a safer work Place on the world today by giving free workplace education. Between 1994 to 2003 672 youth workers was fatal in the USA according to the CDC. We hope the educating them will now will save lives.

If you would like to enroll your school please email: submit you details here along with a direct contact number for your school principal’s Name and direct contact number in the form below.

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