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Fall Arrest Management

Fall Arrest Management

Working AT Height Academy™
Working AT Height Academy™


The Post Fall Arrest Rescue course is based on a simple principle to get anyone caught in their fall arrest system down or up as fast as possible. The basic knowledge of Fall Protection Systems is required and the course is highly practical in nature. Candidates will experience the whole process of a safe and systematic approach to rescues in the field.
The outcome of the course is to gain the skills required to rescue a colleague hanging in suspension. This is an essential but often overlooked function.  It’s very uncomfortable to be suspended and can be very dangerous, so it is important that all team members have the skills needed to help out a colleague.


  • Job management & risk planning
  • Equipment knowledge
  • Anchor selection
  • Descending & lowering techniques
  • Pick-off methods
  • Rescue considerations
  • Vertical raising & lowering of casualty

Who will benefit?

Anyone who works at height is by law required to be rescued if something would happed. When there is no standby rescue team on-site or where Emergency Rescue Teams is to far away and immediate action is required this course is set up to get the job done.


This course is highly practical in nature but class-work is an essential part of the course. On successful completion the candidate will be issued with a certificate of competence valid for 3 years.


This is a one-day course and can be delivered at the client’s premises.