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Work at Height Training

At Working AT Height Academy™ we aim to help our clients improve their safety results, meet their work health and safety obligations, develop their safety culture, and most

Working AT Height Academy™
Working AT Height Academy™

importantly, keep their people safe.  Rope Access International ™ offer the following training courses and also consult on the following areas;

Harness Fitting & Use

The course provides the minimum knowledge required to meet the legal requirements of working at height and basic fall protection techniques.

The course covers the following:

Methods of fall protection
Pre-use checks
Selection of suitable anchorages
Fall arrest blocks
Suspension intolerance

Fitting a fall arrest harness
Use of anchorage slings and connectors
Attachment and use of fall arrest lanyards
Attachment and use of temporary horizontal line
Adjustable restraint lanyard use

 Roof Top Safety & Basic RF Awareness

Rope Access International™ Height safety course for working on roofs. Delivers information and practical training in a selection of fixed and temporary systems available to provide fall protection whilst working in various rooftop locations. Also provides knowledge of potential hazards associated with rooftop access and working at height. A module on Radio Frequency radiation hazards and detection – RF hazards is included. For all persons required to access flat roofs. Provides information on potential hazards with discussion of permanent and temporary methods of fall protection.

The characteristics of various commercially available fall protection systems are discussed, and candidates are able to gain practical experience of each method.

We can cover sloping roofs or access across fragile surfaces. Please ask to be added (Extra Cost)


Managing Working at Height

Regulations in to give an understanding of which working methods are suitable for a particular types of work. Following the course, candidates will be able to specify an appropriate Safe System of Work for particular work sites, including appropriate methods of fall protection. Candidates are able to use their own working environments as a basis for problem solving. For managers, supervisors, clients. A comprehensive course with lecture sessions and extensive practical experience. Discusses hierarchy of fall protection in detail, covering temporary and permanent scaffolding, mobile elevated work platforms, collective and individual fall protection equipment and ladders. The course explores the difference between restraint, work positioning, fall arrest and points out critical safety factors in each. Current issues relating to work at height are discussed, including emergency planning, suspension trauma, rescue and requirements for inspection.

Practical sessions include use of a wide variety of fall protection equipment.


Rescue after a fall – Lowering and lifting

This course explains how simple systems can be used for rescue after a fall or rescue of a suspended person. For recovery of persons who are hanging in a harness or who may have suspected suspension intolerance. The significance of different harness suspension points is explained.
Suitable for recovering a person from any fall protection system, including wire fall arrest block, extended energy absorbing lanyard, or hanging on a vertical rope.
Suitable for all persons working at height. Theory and practical sessions including lowering and raising of a casualty.
Includes the selection of suitable anchor points, awareness of possible hazards, methods of operation of rope devices and methods of control during lowering or raising operations.
This course covers all aspects of suspension intolerance, including methods of minimising the effect on the casualty and how to handle the casualty when they have been recovered to a safe place.


Rescue after a fall – Lowering and lifting – Entertainment

Course covers the selection of suitable anchor points, hazard awareness, operation of rope devices and methods of control during lowering or raising of a casualty.
Suitable for all persons working at height. Theory and practical sessions including lowering and raising of a casualty.

The course also covers:
Awareness and understanding of Rescue Pack Reach contents and function,
Attachment to the casualty,
Pre-use check of equipment,
Elementary pulley theory, as well as redirection
Recovery of a casualty suspended from a lanyard and fall arrest block,
Medical dangers to suspended persons – suspension syncope,
Casualty handling.