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Doing business globally gives us access to some of the poorest societies Worldwide, With that access, comes the many questions related to the challenges of a global poverty, We have a social responsibility to respect; human rights, the environment, energy resources and social standards.

From September 2021 Working at Height will Kick off our “Back to Work Program” that is 75% Funded by you and 25% by Working at Height.

Working at Height LLC is committed to helping the less fortunate of this world, We do this by Completely Training them up, Finding them a Placement and putting them back into the work force for free. Working at Height will use all money raised to Train any person in the United States of America and put them back to work. The average cost per person for this program is $15,000.00 for funding. Working at height will fund 25% of this program for free the rest coms from your Donations so please give what you can and help Americas Greatest Asset “The People” who make America what it is.

Our Commitment’

We Will.

  • Place them in our Bespoke Training Center for 2 Months.
  • Supply FREE Food and Board for the period of this time.
  • Train them to be able to work in Renewable Energy Sector.
  • Find them a Placement.

This Program is for all Adult ages of any back ground. Working at Height is an Equal Opportunity Academy. Lets Help America’s people get Back on its feet.

Thank you. 

Too Apply for this program please contact us.