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“High Aptitude Staff For high altitude work”

Working AT Height Alti-Service™ is launching a completely automated inspections using a drone. Our team of specialists and inspection engineers developed the standard that makes quick inspections possible. Services Will include, Wind Turbine’s, Buildings, Bridges, Power Plants and Dames.

We’re proud to have engineered a solution that is truly making a difference to the customers we serve, in an important, environmentally groundbreaking industry. We are committed to evolving and optimizing our technology every step of the way because we are unrelenting in our desire to provide the best solution on the market.

Our aerial photo/videography and 3D or multi-spectrum imaging systems can be used to promote and evaluate properties and communities in new ways. New drone imaging systems efficiently inspect rooftops, facades, roadways, structures and systems; illustrate architectural features/amenities and provide property condition assessments. The Falcon Group drone team gives you more cost-effective, safer, better detailed inspections and photo/video documentation with drastically reduced turnaround times. We can assist with forensic engineering inspections and studies, thermal imaging and construction progress reports for your community and real estate.

Asset Inspection

Conduct quick and efficient first inspections on your projects. Use drone technology to eliminate equipment to reduce cost and time of setting up equipment to gain a new view of your project. Experience vantage points with a live video feed to increase communications for clients, stakeholders, and compliance record keeping.


Aerial Surveying & Volumetric Services

Using a drone can vastly reduce the time spent collecting accurate data. By acquiring faster data from the sky in the form of geo-referenced digital aerial images, you can gather millions of data points in one short flight.

3D Mapping (Coming Soon)

With our Drone Services devision you can capture accurate aerial imagery and transform it into 2D orthomosaics (maps) and 3D models of small-and medium- sized sites. Collect your geo-referenced images without the hassle of waiting for manned aircraft or satellite imagery. Simply download your images and process your data the same day.