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Advanced Non-Destructive Testing Solutions.

At Working AT Height Group ™ we are an experienced advanced non-destructive testing service company specializing in hard to reach areas On or offshore. Our personnel have the skills and years of experience to provide top quality advanced and standard non-destructive testing services. We work in Ireland and globally for – among others – the pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, power generation and construction industries.

The Working at Height Group list of Services provides a comprehensive array of Advanced NDT techniques to a worldwide client base.  Working with its international partners to develop and support quality advanced inspection technologies in the field.  Specialising in Phased Array Ultrasonics (Complex Geometries and Austenitic Materials); Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD); Tube Inspection Services (RFT/ECT/NFT/IRIS); ACFM & Eddy Current Array; In-situ Metallurgy Replication; PAUT Boiler Tube Inspection; PAUT LNG Storage Tank Inspection; 3D MFL Floor Scanning; Reformer Tube Inspection; Long Range UT; Short Range UT and Automated Corrosion Mapping.  ANS provides all of these services always maintaining Quality & Integrity.


Our NDT Services Include;

Our Advanced NDT Services Include.