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Rope Access Policy

“Where Knowledge Becomes Power”

Working AT Height Group™  is leading Rope Access Company, committed to providing top rope access services for inspection, maintenance and cleaning.

The organization considers it to be of utmost importance to provide high quality services to its customers which contribute to the quality of life, protect the personal safety and health of its employees, and prevent environmental pollution’s by least conforming to HSA, HSE, EUOSHA & OSHA requirements.

Working AT Height Group™ also endeavors through its activities and influences to improve and recognize its responsibilities to the environment Worldwide.

This shall be achieved by continually improving our integrated management system by:

  • Committing to comply with current and future applicable legal and other regulations with respect to Environment, Health and Safety on all the inspection and maintenance services that we do by holding an up-to-date register of all applicable legislation and by monitoring compliance with this on a regular Basis.
  • Providing resources, investing in technology and developing necessary competence and awareness amongst our employees to contribute towards quality of workmanship, employee safety and preserving the environment.
  • Setting Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental objectives and targets, ensuring it through periodic review and developing programs.
  • Periodical review of our management system and taking appropriate actions in case of deviation from the established policies & programs.
  • Communicating and understanding this policy at all levels of the organization and making it available to all interested parties upon request, including members of general public.
  • All employees are responsible for implementing and complying with the rules and requirements for the safe conduct of operations and for the safe care and maintenance of any resources given to them for their safety and protection.
  • Optimum Rope Access Solutions values establish a foundation that uphold our company policies and provide a frame work for responsible decision making.

 Our Values

  • Customer Satisfaction.
  • Honesty & Integrity.
  • Safety & Environmental Responsibility.
  • Sustainability.
  • Continuous Improvement.
  • Involvement of Staff.
  • Equal Opportunities.
  • No Substance use or abuse by staff.