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Wind Energy

“When you need answers and they aren’t easy to find”

Working AT Height Alti-Service™ has earned the trust of its clients. Working AT Height Alti-Service™ has the experience and the staff needed to service and maintaining wind turbines in the wind energy sector. For such clients as wind farm owners, Blade Manufactures, Independent companies and engineering companies. You can’t make good decisions without good data. We use a highly experienced rope team guided by a professional engineer to inspect sites that others can’t reach, and get you the vital information you need to plan repairs and protect our assets.  Our inspection reports meet European Standard DIN 31051:2012-09, BS EN 61400-23:2014, BS EN 61400-22:2011 & BS EN 61400-24:2010 and industry’s best practice, and our investigation scan detail what works are required, enabling you to get accurate pricing from the relevant trades; an important factor where access is difficult. We can also provide pricing ourselves.

Wind Energy Support

Working AT Height Alti-Service™ Wind Energy division is unique, Because we understand our clients needs; to minimize down time, Quality Assured Work and to get you quickly back on the grid.

Our services are as follows;

  • Turbine Cleaning.
  • Scheduled Blade & Tower Inspection’s.
  • Blade & Tower Repair.
  • Warranty Services.
  • Heights Emergency Rescue and Planning.
  • Hub and Tower Rescue.

Drone Inspections.

Wind Turbine Inspections using unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’S) known as drone’s  is the new modern way to doing inspections. Working at Height can provide this service contact us for more information.