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Wind Turbine Medical Certification Testing

The Wind Turbine Medical is an offshore and onshore medical in accordance with General Medical Guidelines.

Wind Turbine Medical Certification

A Wind Turbine Medical Certificate is required by individuals working on offshore, onshore & remote Wind Turbine Installations require a Medical Certificate of Fitness as proof of their fitness to undertake their role. The medical guidelines address the fitness requirements of working offshore, the offshore environment, accessing installations from seagoing vessels, other environmental factors such as extremes of temperature and also the fitness requirements of working at height.

Wind Turbine Medical requirements

Individuals attending for the medical are required to bring with them two separate forms of photographic proof of identity e.g. passport, photo driving licence etc.

If worn, spectacles and/or contact lenses need to be brought to the medical for near and distance vision testing.

Individuals on medication are required to provide details of their medication and information regarding any underlying medical conditions.

An overview of the Wind Turbine Medical

The medical includes completion of a medical history form and the examination includes a full medical assessment incuding:

  • Physical examination.
  • Height, weight and BMI.
  • Eye test to include near, distance and colour vision assessment.
  • Pulse and blood pressure assessment.
  • Urine testing.
  • Audiometry ( Hearing test ).
  • Spirometry ( Lung function test ).
  • Exercise test ( Chester Step Test ) – suitable clothing needs to be worn.

Duration of medical: 60 to 80 minutes.

Successful applicants are provided with a Certificate of Fitness on completion of the medical.

Testing Locations: Alice TX, Aransas Pass TX, Calallen Corpus Christi TX, Corpus Christi TX, Portland TX, Rockport TX,

for more Information Contact [email protected]