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HSEQ Commitment

Working At Height Group ™ Operating Standards for Health, Safety, Environment and Quality [HSEQ] are controlled and implemented from within the organization with two dedicated systems managed by persons whom enforce and manage the Working at Height Quality Management Systems. [WAHQMS]

These HSEQ Process’ and Procedures have evolved with the expansion of Working At Height to encompass not only the workshop and training facilitates, but also the site works and our partners for training, installation, Inspection & Repairs, High Rise Buildings & Renewable Energy Solutions.

Our HSEQ systems are continuously improving and also reviewed annually and have been critical in the expansion of our services and also the locations and countries that we work in which currently cover operations in Ireland, UK, EU, Australia & the USA.

 Working AT Height Academy & Alti-Service™ HSEQ Commitment
Working AT Height Group™.  HSEQ Commitment

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